We’ve spent the last three years working with companies to learn what the pain points are when trying to manage their 300 log. They’ve told us that tracking injuries in the 300 log is much harder than it should be. And the consequences of doing it wrong can be costly.

We know that small businesses represent the blood, sweat, and tears of millions of people. We want to help keep you and your employees safe and compliant so that you can continue to provide for those that mean the most to you.

Easily track injuries

We’ll never sell your data. Period.

Not only is it easy for your employees to create entries for you as needed, but we automatically assemble your annual report and send it to you for review in time for submission. With Conrad you’ll get:

  • Employee enabled remote injury reporting
  • If you don’t want employees submitting injuries, no problem, you can still keep the log yourself
  • The injury dashboard, where you can see what injuries have been tracked to date
  • The injury reminders tools for managing injury submissions and adding your own
  • All of your required 300 log related report
  • An automatic assembly of reports from the year for your annual submission
  • An automatic annual report review so you know the data is accurate
  • Access to anytime, anywhere, on any device

All this for

per month

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